Watch “Flow Dots”
Idea, product design, naming: Ank Blank Design Photo Management, Anka Blank
Manufacturer 2011 – 2015: M&M Germany GmbH

Photographs from top to bottom: photo 1: M&M Germany GmbH, photo 2, 3, 4: Anka Blank

Flow Dots – The watch for individual moments -
The watch “Flow Dots” is an unusual combination of timing and mesmerizing bracelet.
A watch for single moments. With separate time reading of the hour and the minute that read together give the time. For ease of readability of the time.
For women who want to decide for themselves whether hour or minute, or both together are important.

Material: 2 quartz movements, hour + minute stainless steel, waterproof: 3 ATM Bracelet: stainless steel with artificial resin in black, white, warm grey and chocolat.
Compatible – with adjustable link elements for hooking in and unhooking.